Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System is state-of-the-art technology brought to India by AutoPass India,in collaboration with ST Elecronics after many successful installations the world over.

A Technology breakthrough revolutionizing Car Parking:

  • Provides 24 x 7 - real time parking bay availability on Large LED Panels at entrance.
  • Navigates the cars by the shortest route to the nearest available parking bay
  • Reduces movement of cars by eliminating the need to find vacant space
  • Increases car parking space by reducing circulation lanes
  • Better distribution of traffic and utilization of the parking
  • Increase in Parking Revenues
  • Software generates important customer & utilization data

What is Parking Guidance System

  • Provides drivers with real-time & accurate indication of available parking spaces
  • Sensors located at each parking space monitors individual lot wise occupancy
  • Directional Displays at each decision making junction
  • Motorist guided to available space via shortest route
  • LED lights in front of each slot shows availability within lanes

No more searching for parking space and no more aggravation

Benefits of PGS - To the Complex

  • Increase in Car Park Capacity -Due to reduction of circulation space
  • Increase in Lot Utilization - Lots in hidden / obscured areas get used
  • Reduces Congestion and Improves Traffic Flow - Drivers know
    where to go
  • Vast improvement in the image & ambience of the Car Park
  • Faster Turnaround of Cars into the Car Park
  • Self Diagnostic Features - Convenient for operators
  • Customer Satisfaction - More likely to return
  • Statistical Information - Trends can be monitored
  • Increased Security within the Car Park
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Less pollution
  • Cost Effective Solution
PGS - Parking Guidence System
PGS - Parking Guidence System

Benefits of PGS - To Motorists

  • Shorter Waiting Time at Car Park Entrance
  • Guided to Nearest Available Parking Space
  • No Need to Search, Less Stressful
  • Saves Fuel and Reduces Tyre Wear
  • Gains Precious Time, More time to Shop or Dine
  • Prevent Drivers Fighting over Parking Space
  • Car Parking – A pleasant experience for the motorist
PGS - Parking Guidence System

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